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Julho 25, 2016

Measures Autoproteção

Medidas de Autoproteção

Measures Autoproteção

As all companies, no exception, They must submit their self-protection measures in the regional civil protection service in your area or region.

As it is legislated or not Artigo 21 do D.L. 220/2008 from 12 November we have to "Article 22 Implementation of the measures of self-protection 1 - The self-protection measures apply to all buildings and enclosures, including existing at the date of entry into force of Decree-Law. "Medidas de Autoproteção, Detetor, iprotech

In other words, all companies must have self-protection measures to minimize the risk of fire. As measures autoprotecção for the vast majority of companies , 1st risk category of trade go through:

– Security Log;

– Prevention procedures.

Contact us, we have a team ready to help both in drawing up and implementation of measures of self-protection.


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