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Março 4, 2023

Measures Autoprotecção

Your protection in safe hands

Medidas de Autoprotecção

The self-protection measures are a set of measures that aim at the reduction of the risk of fire in buildings.

We developed the self-protection measures according to company type and use their respective category.
Besides the preparation of the document of self-protection measures also assist the client in implementing them.
We distinguish ourselves by helping the Security Officer and the Security Officer of a building to implement the Self-protection measures.


Procedures, plans, training and drills to prevent the worst.


Training for their staff or security teams.


We tested their emergency plan and train building occupants.


Emergency procedures and internal emergency plans.

Risk Categories

The iprotech has specialized technicians, Registered in ANPC, drawing up the Self-protection measures from the 1st to the 4th risk category.

1ª Risk Category
2ª Risk Category
3ª Risk Category
4ª Risk Category

Use Type

TIPO I (Housing)
TIPO II (Parking lots)
TIPO III (Administrative)
TIPO IV (School)
TIPO V (Hospital and Old People's Homes)
TYPE VI (Shows and Public Meetings)
TIPO VII (Hoteliers and Restaurants)
TIPO VIII (Commercial and Gares Transportation)
TIPO IX (Sport & Leisure)
TIPO X (Museums and Art Galleries)
TIPO XI (Libraries and Archives)
TIPO XII (Industrial, Workshops and Warehouses)

Measures Autoproteção

Emergency procedures
Prevention procedures
Emergency plan
Prevention Plan
Security plan
Security records
Training in fire safety

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