Development of Self-protection measures

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According to the article 21 do D.L. 220/2008 from 12 from November, We have to:

1. The development of Self-Protection Measures and fire safety management in buildings and premises, during the exploration or use of the same, for the purposes of applying this decree-law and complementary legislation, are based on the following measures:

Preparation of preventive self-protection measures, which take the form of prevention procedures or prevention plans, according to the risk category;

Intervention measures in case of fire, which take the form of emergency procedures or internal emergency plans, according to the risk category;

Safety record where inspection or inspection reports must be included, and list of all maintenance actions and occurrences directly or indirectly related to SCIE;

Training SCIE, in the form of actions aimed at all employees and collaborators of the operating entities, or specific training, intended for security delegates and other elements who deal with situations of greater fire risk;

Drills, for testing the internal emergency plan and training occupants with a view to creating behavior routines and improving procedures.

2. The internal security plan consists of the prevention plan, by the internal emergency plan and safety records.

3. Fire drills are carried out as frequently as possible, defined in the technical regulation mentioned in article 15..

4. Self-protection measures relating to each typical use, according to the respective risk category are those defined in the technical regulation referred to in article 15..

We develop self-protection measures according to the company's Type of Use and its respective category.

In addition to preparing the self-protection measures document, we also assist the client in implementing them..

We distinguish ourselves by helping the Security Officer and the Security Officer of a building to implement the Self-protection measures.

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