Intrusion Alarm Systems

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blue arrow Total Protection of Intrusion Detection Systems
blue arrow Partial Protection
Intrusion Alarm Systems Local Protection
blue arrow Equipment Protection of Intrusion Detection Systems


blue arrow System components
blue arrow Breakdowns
blue arrow Avoid False Alarms
blue arrow Zones Selection of the type of detectors suitable for the location
blue arrow Alarm devices and equipment
blue arrow Alert
blue arrow Other equipment or Intrusion Detection Systems


blue arrow To ensure proper and continuous operation of the system, this should be regularly inspected and assisted. Appropriate arrangements to this effect must be taken immediately upon completion of the installation whether or not the premises are occupied.. The law now approved requires companies to be registered with the PSP to carry out both maintenance and installation.. A NJ.G.F. is registered on the PSP with the number 294.
blue arrow Maintenance Routine
blue arrow Prevention of unwanted activations during routine tests
blue arrow Special technical assistance
blue arrow Repair and modificação
blue arrow Spare
blue arrow Documentation
blue arrow Responsibility

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